New Individual Consultant CIBO Membership Classification

CIBO’s members have established a new Individual Consultant membership classification. These individual consultant members can have no direct employee relationship with any company or institution that could, themselves, be a CIBO Member Company.   Dues for this membership class would be equivalent to those for the Educational Institution Affiliate Member classification or at this time $1000 per year.

CIBO Bylaws have been revised to include the following language as discussed and Approved by the membership vote as follows:

Independent Consultant Membership:  Any Individual person may be admitted as an Independent Consultant Member if such person owns a single person business (sole proprietor, LLC) and is engaged in producing consulting services useful in the permitting, design, construction, operation or maintenance of steam generation, hot water production or cogeneration facilities. Information obtained from CIBO is for the sole use of the Independent Consultant Member. An Independent Consultant Member shall not be entitled to vote in the affairs of the Council.