2019 Highlights
September The age of energy transparency, Two issues of importance: MM2A (formally Once-In-Always-In (OIAI)) and Project Emissions Accounting (PEA). Highlights of the Implementing Sustainability Management and Best Practices Conference
February Support of Wheeler’s nomination; Dealing with the Democratic control of the House; Technical foundations to get the most out of a facility at the lowest cost and with the absolute best environmental
footprint and understanding; CIBO meeting updates
2018 Highlights
April Cost of energy / NSR reform and White House activities / Integrating Energy (50001) and Environmental (14001) for Implementing Sustainability / Theme of June Meeting is EPA Injection Well
Classifications and Associated Permitting & Requirements / Profiles on Neundorfer and Montrose Air Quality Services (MAQS),
February The changing way we look at energy; Good news with the Trump Administration and Bill Wehrum’s leadership at the Office of Air and Radiation (OAR); ENGO community and environmental activists set to fight back; New CIBO Membership Classification – Individual Independent Consultant
2017 Highlights
December FERC Chairman remarks at Natural Gas Roundtable Meeting; NSRPSD Reform issues; Technical Focus Group session on “Environmental Management Systems”; Bob’s reflections on the new year
November Annual Meeting highlights; Combined Heat and Power’s (CHP) and renewable energy and energy storage; NSR concerns and regulations; Emissions data and reporting; Higher Logic Communications platform up and running; New Cleaver-Brooks CBEX Dryback Elite Boiler
August Providing energy for our future; “Quiet before the Storm” in environmental energy policy; Update on NovemberIndustrial Emissions Control Technology XV Conference & Air Permitting Workshop in Portland, Maine; Keeping up with change
July Background on the US Department of Energy; Technical Focus Group session on “Water Side
Enhancements”; Annual membership survey; Higher Logic goes beta; Profiles on Accordant Energy and Stanley Consultants
May Trump Energy Budget; Lack of top EPA leadership stifling CIBO concerns; Beta version of the Higher
Logic community based communications platform; Welcome new member Air Monitor Corporation
President Trump signs Executive Order during the Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth Press Conference on March 28, 2017; Environmental policy struggles; Highlights of March Technical Focus Group session; Welcome new member Ware, Inc.
2016 Highlights
December Hopes for the new Administration in terms of energy policy; Undoing the Obama energy legacy; Successful “Combined Heat and Power” session at December meeting; Prospects for 2017
November Annual Meeting update; Focus on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and the change of the powerhouse from a central industrial/institutional energy production location to one of distributed
energy generation;  EPA and Clean Water Act updates; Annual Membership Survey results & schedule of meetings for next year
September Expansion of the Social Cost of Carbon (SCC) framework; DC Court of Appeals ruling on Boiler MACT; Industrial Emissions Control Technology XIV Conference & Modeling Workshop update; Annual Membership Survey goes out
July Attention on Republican & Democratic Convention issues; EPA convention and regulation compliance;  Finding new people for the Boiler industry; Welcome new member Kinetrex Energy
June Impacts on the cost of energy; Environmental Committee Meeting presentations show current environmental issues; Boiler Operations, Maintenance,and Performance Conference updates
Board of Directors, Committee and Conference leadership changes; Rate of conversion to natural gas as a result of the Boiler MACT; upcoming conferences and meetings focus on state-of-the-art concerns
February Energy in today’s political climate; Update on EPA Boiler MACT Database; technical presentations from December 2015 meeting; Upcoming meetings; welcome new members Environmental Technology & Consulting, Inc. and Preferred Utilities.
2015 Highlights

Clean Power Plan Climate Change / Global Warming initiative will raise the cost of energy and increase the competitiveness of renewable energy sources; Boiler MACT Compliance date is January 31, 2016;  September Technical Focus Group session on Natural Gas Purchasing, Delivery and Utilization Today; Welcome new member Ramboll Environ US Corporation

August Gasoline prices down and government efforts to counteract; Boiler MACT compliance plans; Update on the Industrial Emissions Control Technology XIII Conference and Natural Gas Workshop; Welcome new member Headwaters Resources, Inc.
June Legislation – over 100 Bills in the Senate grouped under four subject areas for now: Accountability, Supply, Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency; Environmental issues; FBC and Stoker Operations and Performance conference update; Welcome NG Advantage as a new member.
March Capital Visitor’s Center Briefing with Senator Inhofe on “The Importance of Thermal Energy & National Energy Policy”;  Boiler MACT compliance is January 31, 2016 (NEXT YEAR); Upcoming Industrial Emissions Control Technology XIII Conference and Natural Gas Conversion Workshop; Welcome new members Minnesota Power and Verso Paper.
January / February Energy legislation; Boiler MACT and Ozone NAAQs; Upcoming Environmental and Energy Committee Meeting “Integrating Industrial Energy Operations for Profit”; Welcome new members Fives North American Combustion and Skanska
2014 Highlights
October / November Election 2014 update; Annual Meeting Highlights; Energy, Environmental, Technical Updates; Annual Member Survey; Welcome new member Southern Environmental, Inc.
August  Gasoline prices down; Environmental policies impact on energy; Update on quarterly meeting; Upcoming events; Profile on Horn Industrial Services
July New information available from EIA; Upcoming meetings; The Boiler MACT Briefing process; Welcome to new member Cabot Norit Americas Inc.
May The importance of energy, EPA Coal Ash Rule, Upcoming Fluidized Bed Combustion XXVII & Stoker Fired Boiler Operations and Performance Conference
April The all-out war on coal continues in the name of climate change; Profiles on Karges-Faulconbridge, Inc & Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC
February Global warming and current weather; 2014 Conferences and Meetings, Welcome new members
2013 Highlights
 December “Energy Justice” as climate change policies are implemented, Boiler MACT compliance plans, 2014 conference schedule
November Annual Meeting Update; Welcome new members ABB Inc,Karges-Faulconbridge, and Primary Energy
August Updates on Energy, environment and upcoming conferences
July Welcome Altech Environment USA as CIBO’s newest member!
June Welcoming new members ESI Inc. of Tennessee and Sentry Equipment Corporation.
April Weloming new members Exothermics, Inc., KC Cottrell Inc., and Solar Turbines Incorporated.
January Focus Group Topic is “Water Impacts on Industrial Energy”.  On December 20, 2012 the EPA Administrator Jackson signed the Reconsidered Major Source Boiler MACT, Area Source GACT, CISWI and NHSM Rules.