“CIBO’s voice is well respected by leaders in energy and environmental policy. The opportunity to offer meaningful input on the issues facing CIBO’s members is an invaluable benefit of membership.”
Ann McIver
Director of Environmental Stewardship
Citizens Thermal

“Best voice for industrial energy users in Washington. CIBO is an excellent source of information, both technical and regulatory, about powerhouse operation.”
Fred Fendt
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Global Manager
The Dow Chemical Company

“CIBO’s diversified membership draws in many of the most knowledgeable experts in environmental and energy policy. The active participation of the owners and associate members results in superior policy analysis and bottom-line results for the industries served.”
John (Jay) Hofmann
President and CEO
Trinity Consultants, Inc.

“CIBO provides access to timely environmental/government affairs information and ability to network with similar sources”
Paul Kempf
Senior Director of Utilities and Maintenance
The University of Notre Dame

“CIBO provides us insight into the needs and concerns of our industry and a forum to share our views.”
Greg Leibel
General Manager, East Region
Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group

International Paper has found CIBO to be an effective & cost-effective sentry & advocate for power system issues. Read more…

A major U.S. based Chemical Company has realized significant benefits over the past five years in many of its powerhouses worldwide through membership in the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO). Active involvement in CIBO’s quarterly committee meetings, technical conferences and networking with peer professionals enable this company to significantly increase power plant efficiency, safety & availability while reducing emissions of pollutants.  Read more…