Testimonials / Ohio University

Here’ what one of CIBO’s University Members is saying…

Ohio University (OHIO) was founded in 1804, and since that time in early history, has continually utilized coal as a fuel source to heat the campus facilities. From the early days of burning coal in the fire place of Cutler Hall (the first official campus building) to hundreds of tons of locally mined coal burned annually in the Lausche Heating Plant, it is critical for the mission of the institution to be in concert with and friends of the environment. As a member of the Ohio Coal Consortium, OHIO is on the leading edge of new clean coal technology. Recent decisions to continue to burn coal as the primary fuel source resulted in capital renovations of the heating plant facility securing the future of the partnership with the local coal industry.

The Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO) has proven to be an extremely cost effective partnership with educational institutions. While our facilities are typically considered “small industrial” units, we still face the same environmental constraints and regulations that are imposed on our major counterparts. The knowledge shared by CIBO members regarding regulatory initiatives and detailed technical information is invaluable for maintaining an insight to meeting air quality regulations. In tough budgetary times, our very existence is dependent upon continuing to burn coal in an environmentally friendly manner.

CIBO provides unlimited opportunities to network with other educational institutions and industrial partners facing the same challenges to supply cost effective, environmentally sound, and energy efficient solutions to meet the demands of our customers. CIBO has a proven track record of a strong advocate for it’s membership on Capital Hill.