Testimonial / Chemical Company

Testimonial from a Chemical Member

A major U.S. based Chemical Company has realized significant benefits over the past five years in many of its powerhouses worldwide through membership in the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO). Active involvement in CIBO’s quarterly committee meetings, technical conferences and networking with peer professionals enable this company to significantly increase power plant efficiency, safety & availability while reducing emissions of pollutants.

Many energy efficiency improvement projects resulted in significant fuel cost savings. One plant saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by networking with other professionals at the technical committee meetings. CIBO’s Energy Efficiency Handbook has been instrumental in these projects; this handbook is well reviewed and received by powerhouse operators.

Dozens of NOx reduction & other pollution abatement projects have been facilitated from information (e.g., proposed National Ambient Air Quality Ozone and PM Standards, NOx trading) obtained at annual NOx conferences and committee meetings.

Dozens of thermal oxidizer projects have also been facilitated from information (e.g., combustion safety associated with low NOx burners) received at meetings and annual NOx conferences.

Powerhouse safety has been improved through information received on: firebox explosions from substoichiometric flame conditions, Process Safety Management, OSHA & combustion safety.

Additionally, CIBO was the catalyst for establishing and improving relations with the U.S. Dept. of Energy, ABMA, IFIEC, and ACC (formerly CMA) on environmental issues.