Testimonial / International Paper

International Paper

International Paper has found CIBO to be an effective & cost-effective sentry & advocate for power system issues.

What is distinctive about CIBO, relative to other trade associations, is the breadth of manufacturing, service industry & educational institutions represented. When diverse interests such as these, hammer out a position on an issue of national concern, the end result is a persuasive tool for improving public policy. By promoting multi-industry consensus building of this type, CIBO’s positions promote environmental protection with economic development, and the result is best for the country.

We find that CIBO, although broad in representation, is highly focused in its area of influence. CIBO involves itself only in environmental & energy issues. As a consequence of this narrow focus, CIBO can draw on its membership to respond on regulatory initiatives in a detailed technical manner providing facts, figures & operational expertise. CIBO’s philosophy aligns with our company’s, in that both desire public agencies to underpin environmental & energy laws, regulations & policies with a strong scientific & technical basis. We support CIBO’s efforts to provide facts, figures and technical rationale to regulating entities & credit the worthiness of many existing boiler regulations to CIBO’s agency interactions.

Our economy has largely taken for granted the abundant energy supply & reliable private & public utility systems we have enjoyed as a nation for over a century. Our electrical utility companies are aware of the challenges this service poses & effective in promoting utility interests. CIBO, on the other hand, watches out for the rest of the industry. Manufacturing interests for example do not always align with utility, fuel industry or other major political interests that influence public policy. At times, CIBO has stood as a David among Goliaths on behalf of industry. Like everyone else, when we turn on the switch, we expect something to happen. International Paper is proud to partner with CIBO in fulfilling this expectation.