Ten Benefits of CIBO Membership

  1. Save time
    CIBO is the time saving source of current and future regulatory / legislative and technical information affecting industrial powerhouse operations.
  2. Recapture Lost Knowledge
    Retirements and downsizing can have knowledge gaps. CIBO provides access to the expertise of hundreds of actively involved colleagues throughout the United States.
  3. Protect Your Interests
    CIBO helps to ensure that members’ interests are incorporated into industry adopted energy and environmental policy.
  4. Meet Regulatory Compliance Dates
    Save time on regulatory compliance plan development & implementation by quickly getting up-to-speed on rules and networking with peers. CIBO’s annual dues are less than a half of a day’s fine for non-compliance.
  5. Ensure the right investment decisions
    CIBO provides up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements and current technologies.
  6. Protect your company
    Acquire knowledge to protect your company from un-needed expenses, or missing some regulatory requirement or control opportunity.
  7. Optimize potential energy savings
    Learn and utilize cost effective new technologies, alternative fuels and operating methodologies.
  8. Maximize advocacy on key issues
    Gain valuable access with political leaders through the nationally respected association of energy users and producers.
  9. Grow professionally
    Enhance your career through involvement in CIBO Committees and networking with peer professionals.
  10. Save significant $
    Save on attendance fees at CIBO Conferences.