Industrial Emissions Control Technology XVII Conference & Workshop

August 5-7, 2019
August 8 Workshop

Holiday Inn By The Bay, Portland, Maine

The Conference where Industrial Boiler Owners & Operators come together to:

  • Review emission regulations and the applicability of emission controls and alternatives for industrial boilers;
  • Learn what technology advancements might be possible or required to improve energy efficiency, productivity & system performance;
  • Meet with other Industrial Energy & Environmental Managers to discuss the latest emission regulations, their control problems & potential solutions;
  • Understand the capabilities & limitations of current applicable technologies for industrial facilities and;
  • Network with other boiler owners & operators to find the best, and least cost path to compliance.

Environmental compliance is not an option!  The four primary alternatives for compliance are:  First, to add emission controls to continue burning the current fuel; Second, to switch to natural gas or some other compliance fuel; Third, to look at a combination of fuel switching and flexibility, load modification and alternative control technology application to comply with those limits; and, Fourth, to eliminate demand, product or plant to shut down the boiler without doing anything by the compliance date if the compliance cost is not viable.

If you own an Industrial, Commercial or Institutional (ICI) boiler/energy-source Three Million Btus/hr Heat Input or greater, your life is much different than it ever has been.  Boiler MACT, Area Source MACT, CISWI and the NHSM (Fuel definition), NAAQS, GHG regulations, Utility MATS, new water regulations and ash regulations are impacting every combustion source in the country.  Can any energy project involving combustion move forward with the multitude of new environmental hurtles placed in its path?  Understanding the current situation; the potential rules and regulations and their timing; the applicability, operation capabilities, and limitations of control technologies; and, the alternatives compliance possibilities is imperative.  The IECT will focus on ICI boilers’ energy generation systems and include owners’, manufacturers’ and suppliers’ only forums to help generate valuable discussion between the groups and a truly beneficial conference for everyone.

With what and when do you have to comply?  What impact will the Utility regulations have on Industrial and Institutional energy operations? Will Climate Change (Green House Gas) rules impact you? Have you developed your options/alternatives lists? How do you continue to survive and take advantage of alternative fuels today and tomorrow?  What are the control alternatives and possibilities with existing energy systems?  What does it take to keep these units operating safely, at peak performance and meet the new requirements?  Is Natural Gas the Answer?  These are only some of the questions to be addressed. The answer to how these questions impact you today, or what you might have to do to comply, as compared to even six months ago is the foundation upon which the conference is built.