Industrial Emissions Control Technology XVI Conference & Workshop Agenda

July 30-August 2, 2018
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham, NC

Amy Marshall, AECOM, Conference Chair

What you don’t know can hurt you more than what you do know if someone knows it before you.  Good or bad, because for the environmental activist there is no “Good” that is good enough to make them happy barring no emissions – to the air,  water or land – or a complete elimination of the source of those emissions.  The activist playbook is changing.  Regulatory development to promote their agenda has morphed into a public demand for environmental sustainability and social responsibility. In this environment, where one bad piece of information can be plastered across social media to alter perceptions, knowledge is power; and knowing everything that comes into an operation and goes out of an operation is critical.

Have you tried to permit anything when there has been a need for public hearings?  Can you defend your operations against a citizens’ complaint that may include damaging data from public records or from a citizens’ hand held sensor?  As the perception increases that the Trump Administration is being environmentally soft on industry and institutions and is rolling back the environmental gains made over the Clinton and Obama Administrations, nothing will go unchallenged.  If there is any data to make a public case – be it right or wrong, true or false, it will be used to an ENGO’s advantage. The problem is increasing exponentially with the mandated increase in data to be reported electronically. There are ways to handle this new environment.

This year’s Conference and Workshop are the place for the industrial and institutional access that knowledge.

Monday, July 30, 2018
Concurrent Owners’ Only, Equipment Suppliers, Engineering and Environmental Service Consultants’ Only Forums with Agendas developed by participants
2:15 – 3:45 Informal “Owners’ Only” Shirt Sleeves Session
Introduction by Facilitator, Ann McIver, Citizens Thermal
CIBO’s “Owners Only” Forum will convene on the Monday afternoon prior to the conference.  Facility owners and operators will discuss Industrial Boiler performance, equipment operation, technology, and management issues under today’s changing environment.
2:15 – 3:45 Informal “Equipment Suppliers, Engineering & Environmental Service Consultants’ Only” Shirt Sleeves Session
Introduction by Facilitators: Carl Bozzuto, Consultant and Amy Marshall, AECOM
CIBO’s “Suppliers Only” Shirt Sleeve Session for industrial boiler equipment suppliers, engineers and environmental service suppliers will be held concurrent with the Owners Only Session.
Each group will appoint a two to three person panel to report on the session, review the forum discussions, and discuss what is keeping them up at night. 
Separate panels, Industrial Boiler owners and equipment suppliers, engineers and service suppliers, are convened to present to all conference participants a summary of the discussions at the closed forums.  Time is allowed for audience participation, clarification and interactive issue development, problem solutions and further needs identification.   Additional topics may be brought up from the general participants for discussion at this time.

  • Industrial Boiler Owners’ Panel
  • Equipment, Engineering and Service Suppliers’ Panel
  • General Discussion and Summary
5:00 Shirt Sleeve Sessions Adjourn
5:30 – 7:00 Welcome Mixer and Exhibits
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
7:00 – 5:00 Conference Registration
7:00 – 8:15 Hot Breakfast
7:30 Short Course – Air Quality 101, Joe Sullivan, AECOM
8:30 Meeting Convenes
8:30 Introduction
Amy Marshall, Conference Chair, AECOM
8:35 Welcome
8:45 Welcome to North Carolina and Overview of NC Air Quality Improvements and Priorities, Mike Abraczinskas, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
9:15 Overview of EPA’s Air Quality Regulatory Priorities,
Mike Koerber, EPA OAQPS
10:30 Trade Association Environmental Regulatory Activities, David Friedman, AFPM
11:00 Industry Perspective and Air Quality Regulatory Concerns, Preston Howard, NCMA
11:30 Overview and Status of Ozone and Transport, Skip Kropp, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
12:00 LUNCH
1:15 Gas Turbine Technologies
1:15 Primer on Gas Turbine Technologies and CHPBen Mathews, Solar Turbines Incorporated
2:00 Turbine MACT Update, Melanie King, EPA-OAQPS
2:30 Gas Turbine Emissions Control Technologies and Capabilities,
Rinol Pereira, ABB, Inc.
3:15 Implications of Increasing Solar Generation on Operation of and Emissions from Combustion Turbine Stations, Mark McIntire, Duke Energy
3:45 Low-Level Formaldehyde Testing Options for Potential Turbine MACT Emission Limits, Thomas Dunder, TRC Companies
4:15 Boiler Technologies
4:15 Low Emissions Industrial Boilers, Catie VanWormer, Cleaver Brooks
4:45 California Boiler and NOx Control Requirement, TBD, Nationwide Boiler
5:15 Meeting Adjourns
5:30 – 7:00 Reception and Exhibits
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
7:00 – 8:15 Hot Breakfast
7:30 Short Course – Combustion 101
Carl Bozzuto, Consultant
Amy Marshall, AECOM, Conference Chairman
8:15 Emissions Monitoring Technologies
8:15 Update on EPA Office of Research and Development ActivitiesAllen Vette, EPA-ORD
8:45 Status of EPA Citizen Science and Air Quality Sensors Programs, Kristen Benedict, EPA-OAQPS
9:15 Integrating Technologies and Data Collection, Peter Zemek, Montrose Environmental Group
9:45 Using Data to Drive Operational Consistency as a Compliance Tool, Steve Ostanek, Neundorfer, Inc.
10:15 Coffee Break
10:30 Emissions Control Technologies
10:30 Technology Update 1, Gerald Hunt (Jerry), Lhoist North America
11:00 Technology Update 2, Mitch Lund, Nol-Tec Systems, Inc
11:30 Technology Update 3, Jim Powell, Mostardi Platt
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Environmental Activism: Citizens’ Petitions, Lawsuits & Litigation, Charlie Carter, Burns, Day & Presnell, P.A.
1:30 Air Permitting and Modeling
1:30 Air Quality Modeling Update, George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
2:00 Air Permitting/Boiler Project Case Study 1, Tony Schroeder, Trinity Consultants, Inc.
2:30 Air Permitting/Boiler Project Case Study 2, Dale Overcash, Trinity Consultants, Inc.
3:00 Once In/Always In Case Study 3, Kim Alfonsi, Barr Engineering.
3:30 COFFEE BREAK as needed
3:45 Energy and Sustainability
3:45 Boiler Tuning as a Best Management Practice, John Bacon, TRC Environmental Corporation
4:15 Energy and Sustainability Case Study or Success Story, Heidi Holmes, The Dow Chemical Company
 4:45 Q&A and Meeting Recap, Amy Marshall, Chair, AECOM
 5:00 Meeting Adjourns

Industrial/Institutional Air Measurements and Data Quality Workshop

Thursday, August 2, 2018
7:00 – 8:00 Registration
Hot Breakfast
8:00 Workshop
Moderator: Amy Marshall, AECOM
8:00 The Basics of Stack & Ambient Measurements, David Elam, TRC
8:30 Recent/Upcoming Regulatory Changes to Testing and Monitoring Methods and QA/QC Requirements, Stef Johnson and Lew Weinstock, EPA-OAQPS
9:00 Agency Perspective on Data and Report ReviewsGary Saunders, NC DAQ
9:30 How to Design a Quality Air Measurements Program, David Elam, TRC
10:00 Coffee Break as needed
10:15 Overview of Multivariate Software and an Analysis of a Boiler to Show How Software can Save Over Capital Expense and the Return on Investment Immediately, Art Hamfieldt, Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB
10:45 Testing Considerations for CEMS RATA, Permit Limits, Regulations, and Contracts (with emphasis on CHP),  Brian Petermann, Power Engineers
11:15 Data Management and Reporting, Patrick Hecht, AECOM
11:45 Tour Overview and Logistics
12:00 Lunch / Workshop Adjourns
12:30 Tour, Demonstration, and Data Quality Discussion at Montrose Environmental – Local Air Measurements Lab – Tour is optional, transportation will be provided to and from hotel.

2.3 CEUs will be awarded for attendance at all sessions without Thursday Workshop.
2.6 CEUs will be awarded for attendance at all sessions with Thursday Workshop.