Implementing Sustainability-Management and Best Practices

September 10-11, 2019
2020 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Hilton Garden Inn, Arlington, Virginia

The second Implementing Sustainability – Management & Best Practices Conference will  again address the reality of implementing the energy and environmental legs of industrial and institutional sustainability policies, plans and objectives on a national as well as localized facility level. This will be accomplished through a discussion of national policy drivers, energy and environmental technological alternatives, integrated energy and environmental management and implementation best practices.  More simply stated, the conference where the “Rubber” of the energy and environmental sustainability policy drivers meets the “Road” of reality and implementation at the plant energy operations level. How do you actually do it?

This conference will address the technologies and strategies for implementing corporate and institutional sustainability goals and objectives.  These goals and objectives are, in many cases,  based on national and international policy drivers in an age of an educated and activist public demanding transparency and demonstration.  Subjects to be considered will be: Maximizing energy efficiency with existing and new technologies; evaluating the values and cost of carbon for energy project implementation; assessing renewable energy, energy storage in industrial and institutional energy and microgrid systems; hearing the latest in advanced maintenance and control systems; Making the two-way grid connection a reality, and demonstrating the social and environmental benefits environmental and energy management systems.

With an increasing demand by the public, investors, customers and international requirements, industrial companies and institutions are having to do something and report on it publically.  As the conference title suggests, this conference does not address the generation and development of sustainability goals and objectives for anyone.  It will, however, address how the energy and environmental portion of those goals and objectives can be implemented in the most effective and efficient way through the sharing and discussion of technological applications, implementation case studies and management best practices.