Boiler Operations, Maintenance & Performance Conference

May 7-9, 2019
Hershey Hotel, Hershey, Pennsylvania

The conference where Fluid Bed Owners and Industrial, Institutional and IPP Boiler Owners, Operators, Suppliers and Engineers come together to:

  • Review the benchmarks of FBC and Industrial/Institutional waste fuel, coal, oil and gas fired Boiler operations and performance
  • Learn what technologies might be required to improve operations, sustainability, efficiency, and overall energy plant performance
  • Discuss the latest technical experiences associated with current operations, fuel handling and conversions, maximizing energy efficiency, maintaining or improving energy and environmental performance & staffing the future energy operations
  • Network with boiler Owners, Operators, Equipment Suppliers and Engineers to assess energy systems performance and solve problems
  • Take home the latest information on what is happening relative to FBC, industrial and institutional powerhouse operations, maintenance and performance as we transit into a new energy era

Since 1978 at CIBO’s beginning, industrial energy and boiler operation and performance has been the foundation upon which CIBO is based.  Since 1985, when CIBO hosted the first FBC conference in Washington, D.C., boiler owners, engineering firms, regulators and suppliers have gathered each year to discuss the design, applicability, operation and performance of fluidized bed combustion units to improve overall performance and operations in times of changing environmental regulations, energy demand and fuel availability and acceptability.  Over the years, we have found that all industrial and institutional facility owners have similar energy availability, sustainability, operational and day to day performance concerns.  As such, the conference considers all industrial boilers and energy production systems at a plant location.  This marks more than 35 years of industry networking and technology transfer to help bring industrial, institutional and independent power production energy technology to where it is today.

The agenda allows for maximum interaction between participants with similar equipment and concerns.  Monday afternoon’s FBC Owners’ only and Manufacturers’ & Suppliers’ Only Forums have been extremely beneficial for establishing long term networking relationships.  The agenda includes presentations of the results of the CIBO Annual Operations and Performance Survey, focused presentations on the latest operations, maintenance, performance and staffing questions.  And, as in the past, an optional FBC / Industrial Boiler Power House tour is arranged for those who would like to see the reality of what has been discussed.