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CIBO is a broad-based trade association of industrial boiler owners, architect-engineers, universities & related equipment manufacturers representing 20 major industrial sectors.

In 2009 CIBO welcomed small industrial boiler owners burning all fuels by creating a new membership category.

CIBO actively promotes energy and environmental equipment, technology, operations & policies and laws & regulations affecting industrial energy facilities.

Since 1978 CIBO has been successful in the development of technically sound, reasonable and cost-effective energy and environmental regulations for boilers and other industrial energy facilities.

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CIBO Vision Statement

CIBO is dedicated to ensuring that non-utility industrial, commercial and institutional energy producers and users can continue to provide safe, cost-effective and reliable energy to sustain a strong and globally competitive economy.

CIBO Mission Statement

CIBO represents the interests of America's non-utility energy producers and users. It is the organization of choice for accurate information and advocacy to achieve safe and cost-effective solutions for industrial energy, technology and environmental issues.

CIBO activities are designed to:

  • Provide for the focused exchange of accurate technical information among organizational members, government and the public concerning policies, laws and regulations that impact industrial energy systems.
  • Provide a forum for the continued education of organizational members, and the broader industrial energy community on advances in technology and operations to improve the reliability, cost-effectiveness and environmentally safe production and use of energy.

CIBO Staff

President: Robert D. Bessette
Manager, Meetings & Administration:  Gail Bessette
Member & Committee Svces: Candy Marriott
Administrative Support Asst: Tiffany Woodward
Member Svces Consultant: Robert Corbin
Strategic Planning: Richard Anderson